What Are Pharmaceutical Drugs?

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The word "Pharmaceutical" covers a broad range of life-saving drugs. It includes all kinds of medicinal drugs. Normally, we call them as medicines. The substance which is having the properties of treating or preventing disease in human beings is called as a medicinal drug. Generally, these are the products listed in the official pharmacopeias. These are used for the treatment of diseases in human beings as well as animals also.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Medicinal drugs are available with different brand names. Every company in the pharmaceutical industry is marketing medicinal products on its own brand names.

Same drug substance can be available with different brand names in the market. The brand name is also called as “proprietary” name. The Manufacturers themselves would select the brand names for their products.

Medicines are available for every biological system of the human body. Some examples are the digestive system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, respiratory system, urinary system and liver system.

Pharmaceuticals are available in many dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, liquids and inhalers.

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Drugs

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In today's environment, the consumption of medicines has been increased dramatically. This may be due to the availability of medicines at affordable prices and an increased awareness of health issues. New types of diseases are prevailing as the undesired environmental changes are taking place on the globe. Human habits and indiscipline pushing the climate into worse conditions. A vast majority of people are facing health problems due to this bad environmental conditions.

New technologies are coming forth in the medical diagnosis filed. Many modern diagnostic aids were discovered in recent decades. Accuracy in the identification methods of a disease has been increased. Prescription of drugs for the ailment is now a more targeted and scientifically one.

Along with modern diagnostic aids, new classes of drugs were also invented by scientists. We must owe to them. As a result of new discoveries, quality in curing a disease has been increased. Leading a healthier life with the help of medicinal drugs in a safe environment is an essential need. In this way, pharmaceuticals are playing a key role in maintaining the health of people, which further leads to a strong disease-free society.

WHO is also maintaining a list of essential medicines and health products which will be updated every two years. You can visit the site by following the given below link.

Click here: Essential Medicines

Classification of Pharmaceutical Drugs

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There are numerous classes of medicinal products. Each one has its own purpose and interaction with the human body. Here are some examples.

1.  Allergenics
2.  Anti-infectives
3.  Antifungals
4.  Antimalarial agents
5.  Antituberculosis agents
6.   Antipyretics
7.   Hormone replacements
8.   Tranquilizers
9.   Statins
10. Antiviral agents

You can check the drugs categorized under different classes in the "Drug Information Portal" maintained by U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Click here: Drug Information Portal

Route of Administration of Pharmaceutical Drugs

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Route of administration refers to the path through which the pharmaceutical product enters into the human body. There are different types of routes of administration. Below are some examples:

1. Oral 6. Topical
2. Rectal 7. Transdermal
3. Vaginal 8. Ohphtalmic
4. Lingual 9. Intramuscular
5. Nasal 10. Buccal

Dosage Forms of Pharmaceutical Drugs

The dosage form can be described as a drug product, which contains a mixture of active ingredient and excipients in a predefined ratio, in a particular physical form such as tablets, capsules and gels.

Dosage forms are available in three physical forms. They are; solid, semi-solid and liquid.

Solid Dosage Forms

Different kinds of solid dosage forms are available in the market. Tablets, Chewable tablets, capsules, pills, granules, sachets are some examples. These are for oral applications.

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Semisolid Dosage Forms

These are the products which intended for dermic applications (topical application) to protect the skin from environment. Ointments, creams and gels are some examples.

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Liquid Dosage Forms

In this form, the dosage will be in a liquid state. Suspension, syrups, elixirs, mouthwash, tinctures and emulsion are some examples. Liquid dosage forms are intended for topical, oral and parental use.

How to Use Pharmaceutical Drugs?

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Do not take the medicine directly without consulting a doctor. Because the determination of dosage level shall be done by a doctor only considering your age, weight and other bodily functions health. When to take, how to take, how much to take, all these things shall be decided by a doctor.

Examine carefully the expiry date of medicine before consuming it. Never ever use expired medicines.

Be careful while using the over-the-counter drugs also. Though they are not required a doctor's prescription, care must be taken in administering these drugs. Especially pregnant women and persons who have special medical conditions should not use medicines without doctor's advice.


All kinds of medicinal drugs would fall under the scope of the word "Pharmaceutical". Pharmacopoeias are listing out all these drugs in their official editions. Pharmaceuticals are playing a key role in the creation of a disease-free society.

Route of administration directs in which path the drug to be sent into a human body. Medicines are available in solid, semisolid and liquid forms in the market.
Many classes of medicines were discovered in recent decades and thanks to the great scientists. Never take medicines on your own. Always consult the doctor even if it is an over-the-counter medicine.

Always check the expiry date before consuming a drug and save yourself from the adverse events.

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